LEAF and Mental Health

We reckon that individuals become their own biggest obstacle simply by becoming overwhelmed by external factors and overthinking circumstances that we have no control over.


Stress and Anxiety disorders became extremely common backed by the “online” world we live in; misinterpreting opinions as facts, watching people show off their wealth, witnessing hate and ignorance… It’s almost impossible not to become overwhelmed.


Physical conditions are also not always ideal; perhaps we don’t get enough sunlight or can’t spend much time outdoors. Understandably, these simple sounding situations have major consequences on our mood.


We all have our own way of coping with this reality:

Some turn to alcohol, some consider drugs as escaping their frustrations, and some people end up becoming addicted to pharmaceuticals that drastically alter their brain chemistry.


We founded LEAF to offer a safe, natural and effective alternative with one goal in mind; something to help us live up to our own potential with a clear mind and an energetic body without the distractions of stress and anxiety.


We understand that stress and anxiety are both caused by inflammation.


Our CBD sublingual drops are formulated to target and reduce inflammation with whole-plant hemp oil, fat-enriched CBD and CBG as well as organic essential oils in order to encourages the body’s physical system to remain in it’s natural state. Using LEAF CBD drops as a replacement for alcohol and other vices that became habits, your body will naturally reduce any instances of inflammation occurring. This creates a preventive technique to avoid anxiety and stress throughout your day.


As LEAF, we formulate top-quality full spectrum whole-plant CBD solutions in order to help heal and nourish the body with vitamins, amino acids, and healthy fats that are contained within the hemp plant. Hence, our products are dense in cannabinoids, terpenes, and essential plant components to benefit the mind and body. Our sublingual drops are curated with organic botanical oil blends with specific needs in mind; no matter how personal it might get.


- off the meds -


The aim of this article is to get people people talking about how they are feeling inside, and break the stigmas that surround this topic by shedding light on it.

It is important to LEAF for you to know that you might not be feeling %100, and that is ok, you are not alone. According to Mind Charity UK, 1 in 4 people will experience a mental health concern each year.

As LEAF, the obligation to help cure mental and physical issues that cannot be solved by conventional drugs was our main drive when entering the CBD industry. According to the data above, this has been the case for decades, led mostly by big pharmaceutical companies.

We are here to help change this endless cycle of depression. So today, we do not only share our products, but also some of the ways that help give us a little boost.


Mindfulness -

Being aware of the little things, and paying more attention to details and the present moment can all contribute to feeling a little better. Researchers have found out that 'regular grateful thinking can increase happiness by as much as 25 percent.'

Sleep -

The importance of sleep for mental health is becoming more widely researched and its significance cannot be ignored. It is now believed that there is a bidirectional relationship between sleep and mental health, in which sleep deprivation may be both causing mental health issues as well as being a consequence of it. One of the thing we find most helpful to improve sleep is switching off from all electronics and swapping the phone for an old fashioned book or an evening meditation, oh and of course, a few drops of NIGHT to complete...

Support - 

No matter how lonely it feels sometimes, remember there are people and organisations to support your wellbeing. One being the Leaf Botanicals Team. Also, our friends at @calmzone have their phone lines open from 5pm until midnight and their website is also full of helpful resources.