How to Use CBD Oil | Dosage



Apply under the tongue and hold for a few seconds for the best absorption.


1. Pick the right formulation for you.

You can find the correct formulation by reading our product descriptions.

We have one for everyone... We recommend trying one with a higher potency if you have any experience with the cannabis plant.


2. Dosage is very important.

If you have a tolerance for marijuana, alcohol, sleeping pills etc., don’t hesitate to begin with a half dropper. If not, start slowly, perhaps with a quarter dropper and work your way up until you find your "CBD Sweet Spot".


3. Consistency (and timing) is key.

It will take some time for you to fully benefit from the LEAF CBD experience. During this acclamation period, it's better to use the drops everyday, with a routine.

We recommend starting your day with your morning dose on an empty stomach and take a moment to reflect on how you feel on that day. The next dose would be after lunch, maybe with a coffee or tea. You may add another dose after a workout and take your final dose right before bed.

This is merely a recommendation, it's better to create your own routine. Try repeating your routine for at least 10 days to decide if it works for you.


4. Set and Setting

How, where, and when you use LEAF CBD is really critical. These are not products of easily noticeable effects like marijuana or alcohol. CBD oil is not something to use a few drops before your most important meeting and expect to feel no excitement at all..

Hence, it's better and easier to observe your feelings when you're alone. For example  try consuming a half dropper before reading a book see how it feels.. You might find your mind to be calmer and the experience to be much more pleasant.


Here are LEAF BOTANICALS's top tips on how to use CBD oil in your day to day schedule:


  • As part of your morning routine like any other supplement, for general wellness
  • Before bed, to support a more restful nights sleep
  • After your fitness training, for recovery
  • When feeling anxious or stressed
  • In smoothies or power shakes
  • Create your own CBD edibles or dog treats
  • Enhance your skincare regime
  • Topically, using CBD cream and salve for targeted relief
  • Throughout the day, for instant calming relief.