Hemp or Marijuana?

Does LEAF Cannabidiol [CBD] solutions get you high?

Simply put, no.

When it comes to CBD oil many may wonder if hemp and marijuana are the same? After all, Cannabidiol does come from cannabis. The answer to this question is technically, Yes. As they both come from the Cannabis Sativa species of cannabis. However, their properties are considerably different. 


Leaf Botanicals Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp CBD Oil



The term 'Hemp' is generally used to describe non-psychoactive forms of cannabis cultivated for agricultural and industrial use. Hemp is a name used to describe a classification of Cannabis Sativa, which has long stems, slim leaves and only trace amounts of the psychoactive compound THC, 0.2% or less. This form of cannabis is known for its rich Cannabidiol content (which is non-psychoactive) and its low Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content.


Leaf Botanicals Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp CBD Oil



Marijuana on the other hand is a term used to describe Cannabis Sativa that contains high levels of THC. Tetrahydrocannabinol also known as THC, is the cannabis compound that IS psychoactive and is responsible for creating the ‘high’ feeling most commonly associated with cannabis. The Marijuana classification of Cannabis Sativa contains high amounts of THC that can reach levels of up to 40%. Cannabis that contains these higher levels is mainly grown for recreational and medical use.


Leaf Botanicals Full Spectrum Whole Plant Hemp CBD Oil

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